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BooM brand | identity | packaging design

creative design agency for brand identity & packaging design

Communication and positioning. We empower, inspire & make proud!

Who we are and what we do

Our team includes talented designers with different backgrounds, skills, ideas and experiences, but with a common goal; maximizing opportunities through brand strategy, packaging design and innovation. Together, we help customers grow their brands translate marketing strategy through packaging design to improve margins and sales. We offer big-agency experience and capabilities, with the care and attention of a small office and are always looking for ways to improve the business. Our customers Read more about us …

We have the insights, imagination & freedom to change perspective and challenge the world of brand and packaging design.

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persuasive brand identity & packaging design

The effectiveness of retail packaging is mainly determined by the ability to sell and do not like to believe the beauty of it. Many packaging professionals and designers Studies show that approximately 2/3 of the products is ignored. From a category by the consumer First, it is therefore important that your product is seen. The shelf With persuasive design involves the design and application of design principles that influence the decision-making and buying behavior of potential customers. This effect increases the ease of use and convinces the visitor it to perform the desired action in many cases the “sale”. Read more in our free whitepaper …

What does your brand promise like?

Are you aware of the extent to which packaging design influences the purchasing behavior of your products?

The consumer buys the brand promise and your packaging design bears a large part of that promise.

What can we add?

Consumer experience and relationship is the focus of our design process. In other words; We create, build & revitalize brands and translate marketing strategy through effective brand and packaging design to market success.


In on- & offline retail omgevingen is het zaak uw merk en verpakkingsstrategie goed op orde te hebben. A-merken staan continue onder druk en worden vaak voorbij gestreefd door private labels of tegenwoordig premium private labels.

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Een sterk merk vereenvoudigt besluitvorming & creëert vertrouwen.

Een merk is het krachtigste middel om klanten aan uw dienst of product te binden. Uw klant koopt de merkbelofte en brand design draagt een groot gedeelte van die belofte.

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BooM vertaalt positionering, cultuur & kernwaarden naar effectief identity design. Effectief identity design versterkt, inspireert en creëert persoonlijkheid en herkenbaarheid.

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Structureel verpakkingsontwerp biedt naast grafisch verpakkingsontwerp dé marketing tool voor een merk om marketing strategie te vertalen naar marge verbetering & sales.

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